Need to know a rug's real value? Trust Pars for your appraisal.

Whether your rug is new or a collector's dream, a treasured family heirloom or an investment in beauty, it only makes sense to protect its monetary or sentimental value with proper cleaning. Rugs can present a challenge when it comes to cleaning. Don't put your rug at the mercy of franchise-based carpet cleaning services that has no firsthand knowledge or specialized experience with masterpieces made of wool, silk, or other delicate yarns. In fact, they can do more harm than good. Expert care is now available for your rugs regardless of your location in the continental United States at Pars Rug Gallery.

For Insurers

Pars appraisers save insurance companies money on claims against the loss of Oriental rugs.

  • Substantiating claims in cases of stated versus actual value with regard to antique, art-quality rugs
  • Determining valuation under dispute in major loss
  • Deciding whether a rug partially damaged by fire, flood or another insurable cause must be replaced, or if it can be cleaned and repaired, and still keep its value

Pars appraisals are handled in the most efficient way possible, often electronically, which can save an insurer additional costs. When necessary, we travel world-wide to assess value and provide expert testimony. For Trusts & Estates Pars experts are often called upon to help attorneys and other interested parties meet their fiduciary obligations in trust and estate situations. Our certified appraisals determine the real worth of rugs so that they can be confidently passed on, sold outright, or valued for auction.

For Individuals

Why would you need to know the value of a rug?

  • You're Buying: You see a rug for sale privately or through a dealer, and want to make sure the price is fair. A reputable and reasonable seller will not resist a third-party appraisal.
  • For Insurance: You either need to know what the value is in order to pay the proper premium, or to collect on a loss.
  • You've Inherited: You might keep it, you might sell it. Either way, knowing its value is important, for tax and insurance purposes, or to make sure you get what it's worth.
  • You're Selling: What about that rug you bought for your first apartment, the one that doesn't fit your current decor? Is it worth selling or trading, or has it become a mover's blanket?

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